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A game created by Alexis Suard

> A game for 2 to 4 players



> Rules in FRENCH and ENGLISH language

> Rules (pdf only) in GERMAN language


As mandala master, influence your students to paint mandalas with colors you consider important.

Game in competitive mode with 2 to 3 players and with 2 teams of 2 players at 4 players.


Get the most points and win the game


You are mandala masters who seek to influence students who want to improve their mastery in the choice of colors used to paint their mandalas, according to the colors you consider important.

Five colors have particular significance in their culture: green (balance and harmony), yellow (humility and renunciation), blue (wisdom and relative knowledge), purple (path to self-awakening), red (passion and fulfillment).

Each player/team takes a sheet from the score pad and writes their name at the top left in the empty space.

Each player/team chooses to assign a point value (numbers from 1 to 5) to each of the five colors.

they write their choice on their scoresheet in the column points 1-5 (example: 1 red, 2 yellow, 3 purple, 4 blue, 5 green), choices that remain secret.

The last player who  drew or painted anything is designated the first player.

1 – choose a mandala that is neither blocked nor finished.

2 – move a gem and replace the paintbrush if necessary

3a – take the gem from the palette with the single black color if the mandala ends and put the paintbrush near this palette

3b –  (optional) exchange the gem of the palette with the single black color with a gem still present on the multicolored palette if it does not end

4 – restart 3a step for all mandalas that can now end on the same line and column as the mandala chosen in the turn

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