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Wuxing duel

A game created by Alexis Suard

> A game for 2 players
> For  6 years old and more
> 20 minutes game


Anticipate your opponent’s moves to master Wuxing

Block 2 paWNS of your opponent or get all 6 tokens to win the game.


The Wuxing are the five Chinese (wu) elements (xing). Each element
destroys or generates two elements and is itself destroyed or begotten by two other elements.

Each card represents in its center an element with, at the top of the card, both elements that destroy it (blue arrow) or generate it (red arrow), and, at the bottom of the card, the two elements it destroys or generates himself.

The game consists of a series of duels based on the elements on these cards.

Pawns are put on their Yin or Yang side regarding the player. Every player takes the cards associated to the pawns (symbol at the top of the card).

1 – Each player discard a revealed card amongst the card played during the previous turn (or of its choice at the first round). Secretly choose as many cards as unfinished paths and place them in front of the path

Note 1: with children under 10 years old, don’t discard any card to ease the game.

Note 2: with children under 8 years old, don’t switch the pawns on the Yin-Yang face.

2 – The cards are revealed for a path according to the choice of the 1st player

3 – The elements relationship determine who wins the duel.

If a player wins by having played the element on which his pawn is, he puts his pawn on the Yin-Yang face and the other switchs or stays his pawn on the other side (Yin or Yang). 

If two players play the same element, there are several scenarios:


– If one of the players has his pawn on this element, he wins the duel.

– if no one has his pawn on this element but a player has his pawn on the Yin Yang side, he wins the duel.

– if no one has his pawn on this element but a player has his pawn on the Yin Yang face, he wins the duel.

– otherwise there is a tie and no one wins the duel.


The winner of each duel moves towards his pawn from one island on the path. If the opposing pawn is on that island, the loser retreats of one island. If the loser can’t move back, the path is over and the winner of the duel wins this path.

The two pawns remain at their own place until the end of the game.

4 – The winner of a duel takes a red token or a blue one according to the type of link between the two elements of the duel. He takes it from the central zone if there is one or from his opponent at defect.

He does not take anything if he already has the 3 of this color.

No token is retrieved if the chosen element were identical.

The 1st player chooses the next path to reveal if there are any left and we start again phases (2), (3) and (4).

5 – If a player has won two paths or owns all 6 chips at one moment of the round, he wins the game. Otherwise, we restart a tour with the unfinished paths (phase 1)).

The first player token changes hands.

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