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A game created by Alexis Suard

> A game for 2 to 6 players
> For 10 years old and MORE
> 50 minutes game



Two centuries from now, as the Earth becomes barren and unlivable, humanity’s salvation depends on Ray-Z technology to feed itself.

Succeed in harvesting more crops than others or succeed in harvesting all regions and win the game.


In the 22nd century, global warming is causing more and more difficulties for agriculture. Some crops are being abandoned and humanity is facing many challenges to feed itself.

Looking for a way to promote agriculture, scientists are demonstrating what the ancients had identified in ancient times. The Moon influences crops according to its position between the Earth and the constellations of the zodiac in the background, favoring a different part of the plant according to this position. This influence is due to a hitherto unknown wave, which is called the zodiacal wave. It is superimposed on the electromagnetic waves usually detected. Only these twelve constellations send this wave to the Earth. The Ray-Z technology is developed to capture this wave and to favour the cultures.

In the year 2200, the Earth is arid and polluted. Ray-Z technology is now being exploited from space to allow cultivation in a targeted area. Rockets are sent into lunar orbit to receive the zodiacal wave and send it back to Earth. Ray-Z is still perfectible but has become essential to feed the world’s population.

Large space companies focus on this very lucrative business and sell their services to states grouped into continents that depend on them for their crops.
As the head of a company, you seek to achieve maximum harvest success.

1 – Move a stars field.

2 – Impact of the stars field on a rocket.

3 – Impact of the stars field on a constellation.

4 – Move a rocket.

5 – Cultivation and harvesting

6 – Check the end of game conditions

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